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Please leave it to Ishigaki island real estate!
We are now in paradise "Yaeyama Islands" to be loved around the world, is the company that originated the appeal through the real estate business.
Some people dream of longing emigrated to the tropical beaches,
Investors to be attracted to the endless possibilities born from the island,
For wonderful islands, including Ishigaki Island, will be happy to introduce cordially.
Also, since we also offer property operations, such as management and cleaning of Guest houses villa at our company,
It is also possible that I am allowed to back up the maximum monetization of from zero at one-stop.
To realize your feelings as a "best partner", please by all means to help us.
Virtual preview, you can experience
From home, you can like a virtual experience that is immersive, such as if being there.
Customers living in the farther you can find efficient rooms.
We are making efforts in maximizing the profits of the properties
The company provides a one-stop service from B&B management to house cleaning which can maximize the profits of the properties under our management.
※i-STAY is one of Ishigaki island real estate's services that provides a one-stop service of B&B management and operation.
The staff is Japanese, not English only, in Chinese, are also available in Thai. Ishigaki island real estate nationality of employees vary, it is an international company.

Charm of Ishigaki

Benefits for residents

Enhanced assistance

Ishigaki of migrants, you can receive a variety of support systems. Please see the following page for more information.


There are a variety of beach

Speaking of Ishigaki Island of charm, it is a blue crystal clear beach several to say the island exist. Feel free to be able to go to the sea, also it has been enhanced marine activity.


Time flowing slowly

Nature is in abundance, is important to to have Ishigaki of time the connection between people, will continue to flow slowly, unlike the city. Available and as a villa, it is also popular as you live after retirement.

Investment benefits

The world-popular tourist destination

Ishigaki is "Select by reviews of TripAdvisor, tourist city ranking in 2018 rising star" shone brilliantly in the world NO1 in. Inbound is increasing year by year in that also increased convenience of the traffic surface, it has also been highly appreciated value of that amount of land.


And residents of the calculation, can be expected high rents

Immigration boom popular from several years is not still decline, because in recent years has continued even new construction and expansion of tourist facilities, prime properties of rental housing does not have much vacant. Therefore, we can also expect secure tenants.

Management company

Company name
Ishigaki island Real Estate Co., Ltd.
〒907-0004 沖縄県石垣市登野城1251番地6
Ryohei Yoshida
2002 October 24,
Residential accommodation management industry (Guest houses management), real estate and cleaning business
contact information
Tel: 0980-87-5845 Fax: 0980-87-7785
Capital stock
3 million yen
Management services
Guest houses and B & Bs management services
Cleaning Services
Real estate brokerage and management services
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Customers who are considering renting or selling houses,
please feel free to contact us.
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