House owner who wants to sell the house
Such as own sales network and VR content, taking advantage of the strengths of Ishigaki island real estate unique, we strongly support the customers of the sale of properties.
Our ability to increase the value
Because of our in-house management, Furnished, can be Guest houses and B & Bs industry take advantage of a variety of revenue proposals. Therefore, it is possible to increase the property value at the time of sale, will enable more speedy sale.
Possible approach to overseas customers
In the Ishigaki island real estate has its own overseas sales network. Because it can be China and approach to customers of foreign investors, such as Taiwan, it can be more suggestions of sale plan along to customers of hope.
A variety of promotional force
VR preview, by making full use of drone video, such as action camera, you can tell a listing immersive. It is possible to negotiations with distant customers, we expect a high close rate.
Flow of up to sale


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Property assessment
Check the sale hope properties, we will assessment of the sale price (pricing).
Decision-mediated contract of sale price
Assessment and, based on the needs of our customers, and our customers and (seller like) will determine the selling price. After the decision, we will conclude a mediated agreement with the Company.
The start of the ad Property
Entrusted the property is widely we will introduce to the home page and direct mail, such as in the purchase of property you think customers.
We will guide the customers who contact us. For customers that can not come to the field, we will remote customer service by VR preview service.
Please contracts concluded
If you have received a sign up from your purchase seekers, examination, your contract, will your delivery, etc., by us the seller like our procedures necessary support.
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Consultation of the sale, free assessment, etc.,
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