Ishigaki island real estate Ltd respect and observe Personal Information Protection Law and public order, the company will follow the rules below and force

1. About the purpose of collecting personal information

Buying and selling of real estate, brokerage, leasing, contract performance and related information about the transactions such as management, service, the provision of after-sales service after the contract
The provision of personal information to third parties in the range of achievement of the purposes of 1.
Of insurance related to real estate handled by our fulfillment of the contract, information, provision of services
Introduction of the goods and services of our partners that may be useful for customers

2. I will get the contents of the personal information

Personal information we get will be primarily on the following information.

Full name
Date of birth (age)
Your home address
Your home phone number, fax number
Property information about the real estate (location, structure, scale, floor plans, ancillary facilities, etc.) and contracts concluded information
Other application form, contract, in the questionnaire, etc., information to ask
These information will be used for acquisition purposes of the personal information.

A method for acquiring 3. Personal Information

We, the personal information except how to get directly from the person, you’re getting from the public information (registry as an example certified copy, etc.).

4. For provision and joint use of personal information to third parties

Personal information that we acquired is disclosed to third parties except in the case of the following, providing, selling, do not share.

If the other person has been agreed
If it is determined that the required by law
Made to the other party of the contract person or the prospect
Management company to carry out the real estate management, etc.
Property information related to the following real estate be considered as necessary for your benefit
Provide to other real-estate trader of property information on real estate
Me and me for suppliers of Internet advertising the property information related to real estate, organizations
Specified distribution mechanism (for using the data of real estate information registration, contracts concluded notification and the same mechanism, sales, implementation of the price assessment)
Real estate research institutions, etc.
Offer of close information to the real estate assessment services company (excluding personal information)
Judicial scriveners on registration, etc., land house surveyor
Financial institutions related to financing, etc.
Credit information agency

5. Disclaimer

1) customers, personal information entrusted to us by our customers at our site and are responsible for it is current and accurate, personal information you have any indemnify us for that which is different from the status quo.
2) or the like by the customer himself to be providing personal information to the other party of real estate sale and purchase agreement or lease agreement, regarding if the customer to a third party through this site or our company to offer personal information, we shall not be liable.

6. For your request for disclosure of personal information

(Disclosure, correction of content, add or delete)
If you from the other person there was a request of disclosure of information about yourself, we will promptly so as to correspond as long as there is no special reason after having let me confirm that it is your identity.
(Suspension of use, erasing, stop provision to a third party, etc.)
Use of other person of personal information, erase, if the other person for providing to the third parties do not wish, please offer until the following contact details. However, suspension of use, erasing, as a result of the suspension of provision to a third party, buying and selling of real estate, brokerage, leasing, contract performance related to transactions such as management, information, it may provide the service becomes unavailable.

7. Contact

With regard to inquiries concerning the handling of personal information, please contact us at any of the phone · FAX · postal and electronic mail to the following point of contact.

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