House owner who wants to rent out the house
In the Ishigaki island real estate, because it also operates Guest houses management and cleaning services, as well as rental property, because even be possible to run as a Guest houses and B & Bs, you can contribute to maximize profits of the property. In addition, in such approaches and VR content that specializes in Okinawa, you can more attractive to place a customer's property.
It will contribute to maximize earnings of property
We are in addition to the normal rental management of, management and of Furnished site in-house, because they have done a Guest houses management and cleaning, we offer a variety of revenue proposals. For more information, please refer to the site and "i-STAY Furnished" site of the "i-STAY" of Guest houses management and cleaning services.
Specializing in the Okinawa property
Ishigaki island real estate specializes in Okinawa properties, and we can approach customers who are looking for resorts or Okinawa properties in a pinpoint manner.
A variety of promotional force
VR preview, by making full use of drone video, such as action camera, you can tell a listing immersive. It is possible to negotiations with distant customers, we expect a high close rate.
Flow of up to lending


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Property assessment
We will check the properties you want to rent and set the rent while considering the surrounding market conditions.
Proposal/decision of property operation method
Based on the customer's request, we will propose an operation method (rental, private lodging, inn) that is expected to maximize the profit of the asset.
The start of the ad Property
We will introduce the property we have kept to our customers through our website and direct mail.
Management start
Based on the operation method you decide to customers, the customer is responsible for property management from being tenants. In addition, we will from time to time inform you about the update and re-contract procedures and the cancellation and settlement procedures.
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